Week 16 Play or Pine (IDPs, D/ST, K), Week 16 #PowerRankings, Top Performances of Week 15 #PlayorPin

Ohh how some let us down, and how others lifted us to the much desired, meaningful week 16 game. Let’s do what we came to do and finish the season as #1 in your league. It’s our attention to details and our boost to the less thought of positions that got us here. Time to become a 2020 #FantasyChampion

Top Performances of Week 15

QB — R. Tannehill TEN 49.02

RB — T. Pollard DAL 32.53

WR — C. Ridley ATL 30.30

TE — D. Waller LV 28.50

K — C. Santos CHI 24.50

D/ST — Buffalo Bills 43.27

DL — D. Buckner IND 43.90

LB — D. White TB 69.90

DB — L. Sneed KC 33.70

Power Rankings Week 16

  1. Green Bay Packers

  2. Kansas City Chiefs

  3. Buffalo Bills

  4. Baltimore Ravens

  5. Tennessee Titans

  6. Indianapolis Colts

  7. New Orleans Saints

  8. Cleveland Browns

  9. Seattle Seahawks

  10. LA Rams

  11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  12. Chicago Bears

  13. Miami Dolphins

  14. Pittsburgh Steelers

  15. Arizona Cardinals

  16. Washington F.T.

  17. Minnesota Vikings

  18. Philadelphia Eagles

  19. Denver Broncos

  20. Las Vegas Raiders

  21. Carolina Panthers

  22. LA Chargers

  23. Houston Texans

  24. New England Patriots

  25. Atlanta Falcons

  26. New York Giants

  27. San Francisco 49ers

  28. Cincinnati Bengals

  29. Dallas Cowboys

  30. Detroit Lions

  31. Jacksonville Jaguars

  32. New York Jets

Week 16 Plays

IDPs — Want a Christmas day delight? Start LB E. Wilson MINN against the Saints. Kendricks may be out again, the Saints run often and throw crossing/slants almost all game. There should be a high tackle volume for the Viking LB. It will likely be the last time LB J. Collins Sr. DET will play against his former teammate Tom Brady. He has been slipping but is still a top 25 LB, and I expect over 7 tackles and at least one big play from the Lions LB. A couple waiver wire moves in different time slots. Early Sunday games, how about DB K. Moore II IND against the slumping Steelers. The Steelers give up the 2nd most points to DBs, and Moore has been hot; 15, 22, 33 in his last 3 games. There is also DB A. Amos GB available in most leagues. He has been covering sideline to sideline and making plays the past month. He will have to make tackles against D. Henry and there should be plenty of opportunities.

D/ST — The Arizona Cardinals are doing everything they can to clinch to the 7th spot of the NFC playoffs. There are several teams in the hunt, but I think the Cardinals should show out against a team using their 3rd string QB, and without several of it’s best weapons. As crazy as it sounds I think the Indianapolis Colts will steamroll the Steelers and could have their highest outing of the season. The Washington Football Team has a legit chance to lock up the NFC East this week, and it could happen against Coach of the Year candidate Ron Rivera’s former team, the Panthers. I mean you couldn’t have wrote a more beautiful season script, throw in the third return of Alex Smith, and you have a script far better than anything Hollywood has put out in a decade. I think they dominate, and win one for the coach. I hear the same rhetoric of fear of the patriots again this week. DO NOT BUY THAT. If you have had the Buffalo Bills D/ST all year or need a stream and they are on the waiver… Go pick them up. They are going to destroy the Patriots offense, and put an exclamation point on their NFC East championship season.

KJ. Sanders MIA has been there all year and he’s going to keep doing it for you against Las Vegas. Play him he should be good for at least 7 points. R. Succop TB has the benefit of being on a team that is rolling. They are playing in a dome and could put up several points, expect a big day from the veteran. C. Santos CHI led all kickers last week, and he has a great chance to do it again against the Jags. J. Myers SEA hasn’t missed a regular season field goal since week 10… of last year. The ‘Hawks have been sloppy on offense and great on defense allowing Myers to be their savior, the same scenario should happen against a tough Rams defense.

Week 16 Pines

IDPs DL K. Hyder SF has sacked all opposing QBs in his division at least once. I don’t think he gets as lucky as he did week 1 against the Cardinals, he won’t catch Kyler this week. DB X. Howard MIA has been a ball hawk and has legit Defensive Player of the Year consideration. I don’t think he gets an INT against Mariota, who is playing for a chance to be a starter again. As tough as it is, pine him this week. DL C. Lawson’s CIN Monday Night Performance is etched in our brain, but do not expect the same results against a much younger, more mobile D. Watson.

D/ST — Do not put your championship faith in the San Francisco 49ers D/ST, I expect Kyler Murray to really put on a display against the already packed their bags 49ers. The New York Giants D/ST has been stellar most of the season, I don’t think a dozen Roman gladiators, in full armor, could stop Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. I know they are on rosters in several leagues, but you must pine the N.Y. Giants D/ST. Carolina Panthers D/ST has been serviceable, and even led the league in points less than a month ago. I am not putting them up against the story line and potential to clinch a division Washington Football Team. I think Ron Rivera locks in Coach of the Year with a dominating win.

K — Am I really going to tell you to pine the best kicker of the year? You betcha. Y. Koo ATL has been simply amazing and has really kept his team in several games, I just do not see the opportunities there against the Chiefs. Am I really going to tell you to pine the 4th best kicker of the year? You betcha. D. Carlson LV has been nothing short of spectacular, but I think the Dolphins will be forced to play their best game of the season if they want to get into the playoffs, limiting Carlson’s opportunities. Greg the Leg Zuerlien DAL has really lifted his team when they needed it. The Cowboys do not score many points as is, and the Eagles defense will keep them in check, pine Greg.

It is THE championship week! Let the good times roll! We got here together, let’s finish together. Have faith in the fellas that got you to Week 16, trust in a great performance from the #PlayorPine and go collect the trophy!!!

PS For league that go to week 17, don’t worry #PlayorPine will be released at it’s normal time with the usual great information.

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