Week 14 Play or Pine (IDPs, D/ST, K) Week 14 #PowerRanking Top Performances of Week 13 #PlayorPine

J. Houston ties the record for most safeties in a career (4), but really he should have 5 according to him… and I agree with him. The Patriots have their best week right when they needed it. Aaron Rodgers moves solely into 1st place for the MVP race… Enough of that, let’s get to THE PLAYOFF EDITION of Play or Pine!

Top Performances of Week 13

QB — B. Mayfield CLE 44.96

RB — A. Jones GB 35.30

WR — C. Davis TEN 32.70

TE — D. Waller LV 42.50

K — H. Butker KC 27.50

D/ST — New England Patriots 76.67

DL — J. Houston IND 47.00

LB — K. Van Noy MIA 57.30

DB — K. Moore IND 33.00

Power Rankings Week 14

  1. Green Bay Packers

  2. Kansas City Chiefs

  3. New Orleans Saints

  4. Buffalo Bills

  5. Pittsburgh Steelers

  6. LA Rams

  7. Seattle Seahawks

  8. Indianapolis Colts

  9. Miami Dolphins

  10. Cleveland Browns

  11. Tennessee Titans

  12. Baltimore Ravens

  13. Arizona Cardinals

  14. New England Patriots

  15. Washington F.T.

  16. New York Giants

  17. Minnesota Vikings

  18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  19. Las Vegas Raiders

  20. Houston Texans

  21. Carolina Panthers

  22. San Francisco 49ers

  23. Detroit Lions

  24. Denver Broncos

  25. Atlanta Falcons

  26. LA Chargers

  27. Dallas Cowboys

  28. Chicago Bears

  29. Philadelphia Eagles

  30. Cincinnati Bengals

  31. Jacksonville Jaguars

  32. New York Jets

Week 14 Plays

IDPs — If you are looking for a plug and play to start your playoff run on TNF, give DB A. Phillips NE a shot. He leads the Patriots in tackles, and his last 3 games have yielded 15,19, and 22 points. Look on waivers for him. A name I have not said in some time is LB D. Leonard IND. Playing against a run heavy Raiders team, I expect double digit tackles and a turnover from the captain. I am doing a double down on LBs D. White and L. David TB against the run heavy Vikings. Cousins has been playing great football, but I think a week off will help the best LB duo in the NFL. If looking for a deep play, I think LB H. Landry TEN will get a sack against the Jaguars.

D/ST — The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a lock for me this week as they host the Vikings after a bye week. The Bucs needed some rest, and Tom Brady will have the entire team ready to roll in this match that used to be a rivalry. Que the 80s highlight reel!! 2 franchises who made a brand in the 80s square off, and Washington Football Team will keep the engine rolling and stomp the 49ers playoff hopes out in Arizona desert. The New Orleans Saints are going to have at least 5 sacks against the Eagles, I don’t care who the QB is, just heard it’s Hurts, and it’s going to Hurt.

KY. Koo ATL is having an amazing year, and he is going to put an exclamation point in a revenge game against the LA Chargers. D. Carlson LV should get plenty of kick opportunities against a stingy Colts defense. I also think M. Prater DET will have some big kicks against the Packers and what could be a closer game than people expect.

Week 14 Pines

IDPs — I know it is playoffs week and it is almost impossible to not play DL A. Donald LAR, especially after a week with a sack, but I think the Patriots will do everything they can to stop the big man. LB E. Kendricks MINN was injured during warm ups, he has been a top 5 LB all season but his injury is worth monitoring, if he doesn’t practice all week I would pine him. DL C. Ferrell LV is coming off a 2 sack performance, 2nd highest DL score, I am not picking him up and if you have him Pine him this week.

D/ST — I have been so high on the Miami Dolphins D/ST all year, but I am not risking them in the first week of the playoffs against Mahomes and the Chiefs. Do not do it!!! Put them on the pine and save for next week. The New England Patriots are coming off their best performance of the year, they play in the same stadium 4 days apart. Can you imagine staying in a hotel during COVID for 5 days? The Philadelphia Eagles have been racking up the sacks, and honestly keeping the game close. I think the Hurts move hurts them, and QB T. Hill is designed to play against the Eagles style of defense. I think he has his best game of the season.

K R. Gould SF had a decent stat line, but I don’t see much offensive production against the Football Team. C. Parkey CLE had 15 points last week, I do not expect the same offensive production in an AFC North divisional game. In keeping true to all in on the Tampa Bay Bucs, I think D. Bailey MINN will not have as many opportunities. I see the Vikings playing from behind so pine him and he should be a good play at home against the Bears.

Playoff week is upon us friends!!! Do not overthink your moves, go with the guys that have gotten you here, go with the guys on this list, go with your gut feeling, go with your high draft picks, and Just Win Baby!!!

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