Week 12 Play or Pine (IDPs, D/ST, K), Week 12 Power Rankings, Top Performances of Week 11 #wheresthe

What a wacky week, week 11 was (say that 5 times fast). Some names making their first appearance, and a handful of familiar names we have not seen since the first month. A quick look at last week and onto Turkey Week, always some of the best football of the season.

Top Performances of Week 11

QB — D. Watson HOU 39.36

RB — D. Henry TEN 25.70

WR — A. Thielen MINN 31.30

TE — T. Kelce KC 25.86

K — R. Blankenship IND 21.50

D/ST — Carolina Panthers 64.40

DL — O. Vernon CLE 48.10

LB — A. Singleton PHI 37.60

DB — J. Jenkins NO 34.30

Power Rankings Week 12

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

  2. Kansas City Chiefs

  3. Green Bay Packers

  4. Buffalo Bills

  5. New Orleans Saints

  6. Indianapolis Colts

  7. Tennessee Titans

  8. LA Rams

  9. Seattle Seahawks

  10. Las Vegas Raiders

  11. Arizona Cardinals

  12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  13. Miami Dolphins

  14. Baltimore Ravens

  15. Cleveland Browns

  16. Carolina Panthers

  17. LA Chargers

  18. San Francisco 49ers

  19. Chicago Bears

  20. Denver Broncos

  21. Minnesota Vikings

  22. Houston Texans

  23. Detroit Lions

  24. Dallas Cowboys

  25. Washington F.T.

  26. New York Giants

  27. Philadelphia Eagles

  28. New England Patriots

  29. Atlanta Falcons

  30. Cincinnati Bengals

  31. Jacksonville Jaguars

  32. New York Jets

Week 12 Plays

IDPs — Thanksgiving week is upon us!!! With 3 games slotted for Thursday there is potential to jump ahead of your opponent, and get a crucial week 12 win. Here is four IDPs that could clean someone’s plate on Turkey Day. A name I haven’t put in this article in a long time is DL JJ Watt HOU. Big time players make big time plays in big time games. Watt is going to be playing Thanksgiving in the neighboring state he grew up in. This game will mean a lot to him. It seems the Lions always play Thanksgiving tough, it means more to them than any other team. LB J. Collins DET leads the team in tackles, and is playing over 85% of snaps. He has only had one game below 12 points since returning from the bye. I expect him to be covering sideline to sideline against short routes and rack up the tackles. DL D. Lawrence DAL (several D & Ls) has put together some nice games. This is the game of the season for both of these teams… I believe the winner of this game, wins the division. #Isaidit For the evening game LB TJ Watt PIT is coming off his worse point total of the season. As elusive as Lamar is, I think the Ravens are out of rhythm and TJ will want to out perform JJ’s early game performance. I look for a big stat line from the Defensive Player of the Year candidate. (How cool that all 3 Watt brothers are playing on Thanksgiving?!)

D/ST — All 6 D/ST playing on Thursday have potential to have a big game, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Dallas Cowboys… I just have a hunch they are going to eat up that bad O-Line of the Football Team. The Miami Dolphins are going to take out some revenge against the Jets, I expect a huge game from their D/ST. The Cleveland Browns should put up another good stat line against the Jags. For deeper leagues, look for the Green Bay Packers, at home, against what could be the worst offense in the league, Da’ Bears.

K — I feel like almost every kicker could go off, for every team this week. I would not be surprised if this week is the highest scoring week for kickers. For Thursday I like J. Tucker BAL against the tough Steelers defense. M. Prater DET could have an even higher point total, particularly in leagues that rewards 3 points per extra point. There are 2 games which could be a kicking duel. D. Carlson LV and Y. Koo ATL could be the highest scoring game of the week with two bad secondaries. I think W. Lutz NO and B. McManus DEN will be the highest combined points in a game though, as I see more FG attempts than TDs in the Mile High City.

Week 12 Pines

IDPs — Do not chase DB J. Jenkins NO points as he has only had 2 games worth mentioning from a fantasy standpoint. LB B. Chubb DEN is coming off a great performance against the Dolphins, I do not think he will sack T. Hill though. Be careful with DL J. Houston IND, if Autry comes back Houston will be even more limited in snap counts.

D/ST — I was spot on with the Cowboys exposing the Vikings with their receiving options. With just a slight drop at TE, Carolina’s trio of receivers are just as lethal as the Cowboys, and could do just as much damage. Put the Minnesota Vikings on the pine. As good as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers D/ST has been, I am not playing them against the Patrick Mahomes led Chiefs (And they are my D/ST in more than 1 league). I am going back and forth for the third team, but I feel I would be doing a disservice to you if I did not tell you to #Pine the Arizona Cardinals D/ST. I have separated my AC Joint twice, and I don’t care what anyone says, it affects your range of motion. If K. Murray can not keep drives alive, I see more time for Cam and the Pats to make long drives and put up points. It’s a bold move to put a rolling D/ST on the pine, but I do not feel good about them this week.

KZ. Gonzalez ARI could suffer from Murray’s injury as well, I would Pine him. R. Succop TB could see very few opportunities against a great Chiefs defense, I would pine or drop him. M. Badgley LAC could be in for a long cold day on the pine. As far as climate goes, Buffalo, NY and LA, CA are about as polar opposite as it could be. ‘Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes.’ I think the red hot Herbert will be cooled off by the fresh off the bye Buffalo Bills.

Thanks for reading, keep listening to the podcast (Iggy’s Deep Dive),@ me with your line up questions on twitter @IDP_Iggy, keep making moves, keep reading the articles, because the goal is to win your league! My goal is to help you achieve this. Good luck and have a wonderful, and safe, Thanksgiving.

Go Pack Go!

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