Week 11 Power Rankings

  1. Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers tilts the field so much... yet he is having a statistically poor year. A great running game, and excellent defense puts the Pack back on top.

  2. Baltimore Ravens - Yeah, at me bro! A legit MVP candidate in Lamar, and he will have to be it as the defense is falling apart. A tough division, but Lamar likely won't have another off week this season.

  3. Buffalo Bills - Josh Allen and an elite defense will be difficult to beat at Buffalo is they can grasp the #1 Seed for the AFC. Brieda could be the RB they have needed, with an easy schedule the Bills could very well be it.

  4. Dallas Cowboys - The offense is rolling, and the defense is making big plays. They have an easy schedule, Dan Quinn has drastically improved defensive play, Zeek is getting in the endzone, and Dak is playing at a Pro Bowl level.

  5. Kansas City Chiefs - The Chiefs could have found their rhythm last week (the team with best rhythm is often times the most difficult to beat), and if so they will be a scary 2nd half of the season team. They are in first in the AFC West and if the D-Line begins to generate pressure, they will be tough to beat.

So you notice, no 8-2 TItans, or NFC West teams, and what about it? This is the way I see the Power and teams to take serious going forward. At me bro/sis.

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