Week 10 Play or Pine (IDPs, D/ST, K), Week 10 Power Rankings, Top Performances of Week 9 #wherestheD

How many people had everyone of the week 9 top performers on a roster, in their league? Here are the top performers of last week.


QB — K. Murray ARI 49.92

RB — D. Cook MINN 49.20

WR — R. James SF 34.90

TE — T. Kelce KC 23.90

K — G. Zuerlein DAL 22.00

D/ST — New Orleans Saints 55.00

DL — J. Reed SEA 35.35

LB — A.J. Klein 44.90

DB — J. Peppers 32.60


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

  2. Kansas City Chiefs

  3. Green Bay Packers

  4. New Orleans Saints

  5. Baltimore Ravens

  6. Buffalo Bills

  7. Seattle Seahawks

  8. Miami Dolphins

  9. Arizona Cardinals

  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  11. Tennessee Titans

  12. Indianapolis Colts

  13. LA Rams

  14. Las Vegas Raiders

  15. Carolina Panthers

  16. Philadelphia Eagles

  17. Cleveland Browns

  18. Chicago Bears

  19. Cincinnati Bengals

  20. Minnesota Vikings

  21. Atlanta Falcons

  22. Denver Broncos

  23. Houston Texans

  24. Detroit Lions

  25. San Francisco 49ers

  26. LA Chargers

  27. New England Patriots

  28. New York Giants

  29. Washington F.T.

  30. Dallas Cowboys

  31. Jacksonville Jaguars

  32. New York Jets


IDP — At this point LB D. Leonard IND is a start as long as he’s healthy, the new Rule #53. A deep dive for TNF is DL J. Simmons TEN. The 2019 1st Rd pick could work the highly praised Colts line and get a sack plus a few tackles. LB S. Barrett TB is starting to get in a groove, look for him, and the defense, to respond against the Panthers. On the flip side I think LB S. Thompson CAR will lead the team in tackles and make a big play against Brady. I think DL T. Hendrickson NO continues his sack streak against a banged up San Fransisco team.

D/ST Washington F.T. should be able to contain and make big plays against a Gollidayless (I just like the way it rolls off the tongue) Lions Offense. I do think the New Orleans Saints will continue to steam roll their way to another victory behind sacks and turnovers from their defense. For those that stream D/ST look no further than the Green Bay Packers on a mini bye, at home, against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

K — The afternoon slot between T. Bass BUF and Z. Gonzalez ARI has two streaming options with potential to have the best performance of the week. G. Gano proved me wrong last week and he has potential to put up another 15+ performance against the Eagles.


Byes: Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets

IDP — I am not putting ATLs DB. K. Neal, LB D. Jones, or LB F. Oluokun on the waiver wire. Interim coach Raheem Morris has Atlanta’s defense playing aggressive. I think they will be useful down the stretch. Some could argue LB AJ Klein BUF could have another great game against what is a similar QB in Murray, but I do not see it happening. Do not spend all your FAAB or an early waiver pick on him. Even if DL J. Bosa LAC comes back I am not playing him against Tua. Watch out for news on LB J. Chinn CAR, if you’re in a multiple IDP position league, I would stash him for a playoff push.

D/ST Kansas City Chiefs are the only defense worth saving or keeping on your roster during the bye. It is highly likely that Minnesota keeps their winning streak rolling, going 3–0 in as many games in the division could really turn their season around. Chicago Bears will not allow 200+ yards from Cook, but they are not stopping the Vikings, Pine them. The Denver Broncos have had a stingy defense, but I see the Raiders being able to run, pass, and kick on their D/ST, pine or drop them in smaller leagues.

KY. Koo ATL should be put on the Pine in almost all formats as he is the highest scoring kicker. Even though he has under performed I still like H. Butker KC for a late season push, Pine him if you have him. R. Gould SF is usually gold this time of the year, he may not get many opportunities against a red hot Saints D.

Thanks for reading, give me a shout out #PlayorPine #wherestheD on your social media account. Good luck and let’s get you to the playoffs.

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