The 1st & Most Important Rule in Fantasy Football

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

First blog on the website!!! It is all about the first and most important rule in Fantasy Football, know your league!

There are several aspects you should know about your league, we will cover the ones I deem most important.

  • Know how many people, size of the league

  • Know how the point system works

  • Know the roster requirements

  • Know the Draft: the order, your spot, if it’s auction, snake, live, offline, etc.

  • Know other GMs tendencies, fav team

  • Know your targets, sleepers, and players you want

The league size will dictate how many free agents will be available and what positions you should focus on. If Fab is being used, generally easier to pay lower cost to acquire a free agent.

Know the Point System! Easily the most important piece of advice. Is it PPR? Are there bonuses for big plays and/or accuracy, Are TDs devalued, Are the points there for good defenses, Does it reward heavily for sacks, do kickers have relevance? All things to consider.

Roster requirements are very important, Is it a superflex, are more than one flex required, can you run a QB or Defense in your flex, are there several IDP requirements or can you just rotate a player through the waivers weekly? Know the amount of bench players, Can you load up on one position and waiver through another?

You absolutely must know your draft. It’s the most fun part of fantasy outside winning a championship. What day and time is it? What number am I drafting? Is it live or offline? Is it snake or linear? Is it auction or standard? Are there keepers or is it redraft?

Once you play with other GMs for a couple of seasons, pay attention. Do they always draft RB with first 2 picks. Do they load up on IDPs? Who is their favorite team? Do they take a player from favorite team every year? Are they in your division/conference? Do they start slow and get better? Do they trade often? Do they always make the playoffs?

Have a draft board ready. Anything from a few targets and Sleepers to a full round by round, tier by tier, top rankings. I mean I made it easy for you, go print the draft cheat sheet from the website!!

Either way be a little prepared to avoid an 0-3 start and putting yourself in a bad position.

Some simple rules about the #1 rule in fantasy football. Remember it’s all for fun, but winning is more fun than losing. This podcast, this website is all about helping you be the champion at the end of the season, but you have to,

Know your league!!!

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