Sunday 12th September 2021 Day 4:Redzone Special. Early games: The Journey

One of my favorite inventions ever is Redzone. It is born out of action and drama. Those who are not familiar with it, the NFL broadcasts up to 10 games at a time. Now this is not like you're watching from an editor's suit of a television center but it is carefully edited or live action from games when they get into the ‘Redzone’ 10-15 yards into an opponent's half. This could mean they have anything from 1 game or even the Oct-box with 8 games on a screen. You don't miss any of the action, big plays, drama or defensive masterclasses. American football is perfect in its design to catour for this format. The speed of the game in soccer, ice hockey or basketball would cause problems in other sports.

Let's take advantage of this and cheer on some teams in the early time slot. I’m going to do Moneylines for this bet as there are no complications in having to score enough points to cover a handicap. We just want them to win the game. So when they flash up on the screen we can cheer them along.

I like the Bills and 49ers as I have them in an earlier parlay at -2.5 for each (Friday Blog). I also like the Vikings -3 (Saturday blog) so I’m going back to the well here again. I normally wouldn't have that much liability invested in teams and in the same 2-3 bets this week.

But I’m confident in my picks (But if The Vikings lose I might have egg on my face).

For the last leg I’m going to add the Seahawks. The Colts have a great team, a very competent defense that is able to bring pressure and have above average cornerbacks. Both teams will want to run the ball 1st, Colts have an exceptional Offensive Line. This simply comes down to the quarterbacks. Russel Wilson is elite and has DK Metcalf and throws too. Carson Wentz was just atrocious last year and ranked one of the worst QBs of the years. His passing metrics and overall play was poor. He is targeting Micheal Pittman and Paris Cambell who has only played 4 games in 2 years due to nasty injuries. It will be a close game but if you need someone to pull a rabbit out of the hat in the last few drives. I would want Russell Wilson in my corner. He will get us the moneyline win needed.

Moneyline Parlay @ 4.45 / +345 1.5 Unit

Other angles to consider last minute:

Suumer on The Matchbook betting pod likes the over in the Chiefs and the Browns. Hard to disagree. Matt on The Lines podcast likes Arizona over team total vs Titans, they have not really improved their defense that was poor last year.

Under Team Total Giants. Not sure where they are getting 20 points vs Denver amazing secondary and OL + QB troubles.

Iggy loves The Panthers this week. I think there will be points. The Deep Dive (Drew and Andy) like the over in Jets @ Panthers. 2x poor secondaries. Panthers points?

Chicago under team total. Think they will struggle vs Aaron Donald and Jaylon Ramsey closing down A. Robinson. Like this.

Adding a team total Quad: Arizona over 23.5, Under Chicago 23.5, Panthers over 20.5 and Dolphins under 21.5 = @ +339 / 4.39 0.5 unit

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