Same Game Parlay:Available @BETFAIR /PADDYPOWER/ DRAFTKINGSNFL Thursday night football.Dallas +8 @ T

Same Game Parlay:Available @BETFAIR /PADDYPOWER/ DRAFTKINGSNFL Thursday night football.Dallas +8 @ Tampa -8 Over/Under = 52It's here the new NFL season is upon us and the Super Bowl Champions are back where they won it lastyear with all the same squad. Dallas arrive at The Raymond James Stadium tonight after losing ZackMartin, their 2nd ranked guard in PFF to Covid protocols. This is a big blow as it affects Zeke Elliott(Primary weapon) running holes and some control on the OL. Dak Presscot’s protection against theDefensive Line will also be hindered especially this week as the Top 3 defensive unit is their host.Tampa had the best rush defence in the league. Zeke Elliott will have a tough evening; again.Dallas Defensive 7 has been improved with Parsons looking a great pick up. They will try to generatepressure but Tampa had the 5th best OL last season and Tom Brady should be able to have time in thepocket. The arsenal of weapons at Tom Brady’s disposal is amazing. Dallas only really has 1 CB thatmight put up a steam test on the wide receivers that's Trev’on Diggs, he will likely be matched upagainst Evans. Antonio Brown will be coming up against his name sake Brown who had a coveragegrade of 48 last year; he might struggle against a potential Hall of Fame candidate. I like hisOver58.5yards tonight. AB was targeted more frequently in the latter part of the season and there is some goodChemistry between him and Tom Brady. Chris Godwin is one of the best slot wide-receiver in the gameand is up against Jourdan Lewis. Lewis is competent but will give up yards if there is volume. Godwin isa decent alternative option to go over his 60.5 yards also. Last year he was quite proficient: 8 times overthis line in 12 games.

Tampa will probably attack the way they did last year where Ronald Jones will have the 1st 2 downsthen like Opera; Tom Brady will start giving out 20 yard gifts to everyone “You have a 20 yardcompletion, now you have a 20 yard completion’. Brady had the 2nd best % completion over 20 yardslast season. Roland Jones rush yards is a decent consideration. Over 55 yards.No.1 redzone target, No.1 target percentage, No.1 in TD last season for Tampa was Mike Evans. He morethan likely will get on the score sheet. I likeMikeEvens anytime Touchdownodds @ 2.1I see Tampa ultimately being too strong with potentially the best all round rosta (with just safetyWhitehead projected to miss the game.) Dallas might not get to Brady enough to make the neededstops like this Tampa front 7 can against Dak Prescott . With such a high powered Offence they shouldtake advantage of the poor secondary; that's in a new scheme.Tampa -2.5Will be fine.With all the weapons Dak Prescott has there will be times when the chains will be moved and theplaymakers will get points. Armari Cooper was that man last year. All the preseason talk was about CDLamb but Armari Cooper went about his business with a higher target percentage even though Gallopwas Dalton's favourite whilst Prescott was injured last year. I'm expecting Cooper to get 6-7 receptionsas Dallas starts to chase the game. That will be sufficient forTotal Over 66.5 yardsTampa scored over 30 points on average last year. Dallas will get some points also that's why I like theteased total.Over 44.5 Total pointsAltogether @11.52/1or+1052Looks Solid.0.25 UnitEnjoy the journey and the show:Be LuckyBig Amo @LocoBeanz / @Clutchupprops

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