Iggy’s Lay Ups!! A New Series on Basketball, (Fantasy and Betting)

Ohhhhh ‘IC’!!! The Balkan Mountains are home to the best players of the 2020/21 NBA season, and it could be that the Balkan Geo-political region will produce 3 of the top 5 basketball players in the NBA… yeah #isaidit. Let’s break down the highest fantasy basketball points so far this season.

  1. 1,189.5 Nikola Jokic C DEN

  2. 1,124.5 Luka Doncic G/SF DAL

  3. 1,072.5 Nikola Vucevic C ORL

  4. 1,031 Julius Randle PF/C NYK

  5. 1,016.5 LeBron James PG/F LAL

3 Balkans in the top 3 spots, and there is a great chance they finish in top 5 fantasy performances at the end of the season. If you have played fantasy basketball for awhile you know the little known Vucevic has been the 2nd most reliable center… right after Jokic. You also know Doncic has been MVP worthy for fantasy, netting the most triple doubles for a player in their first 2.5 seasons. Julius Randle was great for fantasy last year even with competing against Zion at the Pelicans. He is really blossoming, and having a career type year for the Knicks. LeBron… is LeBron, and for me that means the greatest basketball player of all time, even if some find it debatable. What is not debatable is he’s been the best player in the NBA since 2003, his rookie year.

Luka and LeBron have a bit of a cheat code. Although several players have multiple designations for positions in fantasy basketball, being able to plug (what is likely) your first round pick into 4 positions (including a flex) on any game night really allows for flexibility.

Monday’s Marque Matches

Bucks at Nuggets 9:30 (ETZ) — Jokic is coming off a 50+ point effort that ended in a loss. The defending back to back MVP, Giannis is starting to get in a rhythm, and Jokic is the top scorer. This should be a great game for fantasy, betting, and entertainment.

Warriors at Spurs 8:30 (ETZ) — Steph Curry is coming off a 50+ point effort that ended in a loss. The Warriors continue their Texas tour, with their 2nd match against the Spurs this year. The Warriors won the previous match by 22 points, but the Spurs are getting hot. D. White is coming back from injury and playing better each game. Rudy Gay is playing well, I suspect this will be a closer game than last time.

Timberwolves vs Mavericks 8:30 (ETZ) — The Mavericks are coming off an emotional win over the Warriors and should be rested enough to play well. This might be a match between the teams with the worst records in the western conference, but I see potential for fantasy points from Luka, Porzingis, and Hardaway.

This is going to be the format for ‘Iggy’s Lay Ups’ Quick, and easy with hopes of putting the ball in the basket for your F & B (Fantasy and Betting) needs. Until next time, take care!

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