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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Maybe you have been persuaded to start an IDP league from my Podcast. Perhaps you have been in a league with IDPs but the point value does not seem to equate with offensive players. In this edition of quick hits, we go over how to make point system effective for IDPs.

The first rule is to highly reward big plays for IDPs. One might ask, what qualifies as a big play for IDPs. They are:

  • Interceptions

  • Forced Fumbles

  • Fumble Recoveries

  • Sacks

  • Passes Defended

These big plays happen on maybe 5-7 defensive snaps per game, and when playing against a great QB sometimes not all. Let’s take a look at the top leaders in every category the past 5 years.

Interception (INT)

2019 Three players, 6

2018 Three players, 7

2017 Two players, 8

2016 Casey Hayward, 7

2015 Two players, 8

In fact you have to go to 2007 to find a 10 interception season.

Forced Fumbles (FF)

2019 Two players, 8

2018 Dee Ford, 8

2017 Yannick Ngokoue, 7

2016 Two players, 6

2015 Von Miller, 6

Fumble Recoveries (FR)

2019 Vonn Bell, 6

2018 Two players, 4

2017 LaVonte David, 5

2016 Two players, 4

2015 Two players, 4


2019 Shaquil Barrett,19.5

2018 Aaron Donald, 20.5

2017 Chandler Jones, 17

2016 Vic Beasley, 15.5

2015 JJ Watt, 17.5

Passes Defended (PD)

2019 2 players, 20

2018 Stepon Gilmore, 25 (1 of 2 in 2019)

2017 Darius Slay, 26

2016 Robert Alford, 25

2015 Marcus Peters, 29

As you can see for Interception, Forced Fumbles, and Fumble Recoveries happen at rate of .5 per game or less... for the LEADERS of the category.

Sacks happen at a rate of a little more than 1 per game, and passes defended averaging at around 1.5 per game... for the LEADERS of the category.

Having said that, I would suggest to put a premium on big plays for IDP. 3, 4, or 5 points for INT, FF, & FR is perfectly reasonable. I highly recommend including INT and FR yards as well. We keep it at 1 per 10 yards just like for receiving and rushing, but 2 per 10 is not a bad idea due to the rarity of it occurring.

Sacks in my league of record are worth 2 points, but you also get a tackle for loss (1.5), and QB hit (1), making a sack 4.5 points. We also give a 3 point bonus for 2+ sacks in one game, and they usually happen in bunches. Meaning if an IDP recorded only 2 sacks for stats he would end up with 12 points. Not too shabby eh?

Passes defended took me some time to nail down, but implemented passes defended at 3 points, with a 3 point bonus if you get 3+ in a game. Meaning if a cornerback only got 3 passes defended for his total stats, he would end up with 12 points. Not too shabby eh?

Then there is the most basic IDP statistic, TACKLES. You could reward tackling with more than a point per tackle, however that’s how we score it. 1 tackle equals 1 point, tackle for loss 1.5 points, assisted tackle .5 points. We do include a 4 point bonus if they get 10+ tackles in a game. Some players, particularly inside linebackers and safeties that play in the box (close to line of scrimmage) are more or less just tackling machines. If a guy got 10 tackles and no ’big plays’ he would still end up with 14 points. Not too shabby eh?

Of course the big IDP play is safety but they rarely happen, and when they do, there has to be a tackle for loss, sometimes a sack, so with a safety and tackle for loss it’s a 3.5 play at minimum. However if you want to reward a safety for an IDP at 10 points I think it’s validated and logical.

That is advice for IDP scoring, you want the points to be ranked and consistent with offensive players so there is just as much a premium for IDPs as offensive players. This alone will make your league SO MUCH MORE FUN!!! If you are playing in league with IDPs already, but there is a point discrepancy encourage your Commish to adopt these point changes and it will make a better experience for all.

Please leave a comment, share with friends, ask questions, or tell me how I am wrong.

Thanks for reading 😃!

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