Fantasy Football Play or Pine WEEK 1, 2020 #wherestheD

Hello everyone!!!! Sorry for the long delay, but I saw everyone reading stats for 2 years ago and I figured I am ready to return and give you the winning fantasy football advice you deserve!!!

For those new to Play or Pine segment (formerly Play O’Pine) I quickly break down who you should Play and who you should Pine for IDPs and D/ST. You can also find this on the website for my podcast, Iggy’s Deep Dive. ( The podcast is on almost all platforms, 5 days a week, almost always under 20 mins, and a lot of fun! All the info you need without hearing the host say it 5,6 times to get sponsor time in.

Let’s get to it!!

IDPs (Individual Defense Players)


LB Darius Leonard IND, LB Blake Martinez NYG, LB Joe Schobert JAX

Deep leagues DL Josh Allen

LB Darius Leonard is my lock to be Defensive Player of the Year. He is an automatic start in my opinion but he is playing against what could be arguably the worse offense in the league in Jacksonville. Look for domination from this Linebacker and defense as a whole.

LB Blake Martinez has been a tackling machine for 4 years and I don’t think that is going to change with him going to the New York Giants. He is questionable but as a Packer fan I have seen him play through a great deal. I think he makes a week 1 statement with new team.

LB Joe Schobert has quietly been one of the best IDPs the past 3 years. He is on a team with a bad offense, plenty of defensive snaps. He is also playing against a team that I don’t believe has found its offensive rhythm in the Colts. Look for him to continue his big games.

I originally had the Broncos pass rushers here, but with Von Miller injured and out, I think it will be easier to double Chubb. I went with a DL that I was able to pick up after the Draft. Josh Allen is by far a better athlete than Philip Rivers. DL Josh Allen of Jacksonville has an opportunity to have a multiple sack game to begin the season.


LB KJ Wright SEA, DL Nick Bosa SF , DB Harrison Smith MINN

I am not sure if LB KJ Wright is 100% and with Seattle drafting linebacker Jordyn Brooks, with their first pick, Wright could be due for less playing time. Atlanta will likely pass more than they run leaving less opportunities for tackles.

Yeah I said it, DL Nick Bosa will have a hard time chasing down Kyler Murray to get any meaningful big plays. We will have to see how the absence of Buckner affects the defensive line of the 49ers. He will have great games and I imagine a great season, just not a great game.

The Vikings are going to be without their 2 defensive ends from last year, Danielle Hunter (injury) and Everson Griffin (Free Agency). There will be a lack of pass rush generated and I believe Green Bay will run the ball with ease, and Aaron Rodgers make precise passing leaving minimal opportunities for the former All-Pro DB Harrison Smith.



Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Indianapolis Colts will be playing against a team (Jacksonville) that has traded away all of its best players and appears to be tanking for Trevor. Jacksonville will have difficulty running against this stacked box (defensive line and linebackers) and the Colts will bring pressure on the turnover prone Minshew. Look for the Colts to keep it a low scoring game, with minimal rushing yards.

The Buffalo Bills play in the early Sunday slot, playing against an offense (New York Jets) whose best receiving option could be their tight end. A QB that has yet to prove he can lead his team and take apart good defenses. The Bills could be the defense that gives up the least amount of points at the end of the season. I look for complete domination of the Jets.

In the early Monday Night Game the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to New York and play the Giants. The Giants could have an above average offense this season. I believe the Steelers will be the #1 Defense by most metrics at the end of the season. There is not a weakness in their defense and I think they are ready to display that last year was not a fluke.


Dallas Cowboys, Los Angles Rams, Chicago Bears

The prime time Sunday night game features the Dallas Cowboys traveling to the new stadium of the LA Rams for the inaugural game. I think the schedule makers chose an excellent game for the 1st Sunday night. This is going to be a high scoring, huge yard total, action packed game. The defense will be lacking on both of these teams, allowing for an aerial assault from both teams. I do not think either of these defenses will hold their opponent under 24 points. It will be a game that leaves you asking, #wherestheD

The Chicago Bears lost a few defensive players but added a great pass rusher (Quinn) to compliment K. Mack. I think Matthew Stafford is going to come out slinging and throw a couple TDs. If Swift is anything like CEH there will be 400+ yards from the Lions. The Bears could be a franchise headed for a huge rebuild from GM to water boy. I don’t see Trubisky helping his defense out much and the Bears could be the worse team in the league at season’s end.

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